Monday, April 30, 2012

This giveaway is closed but stay tuned for more fun!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Whats Up? :) a post I remade from MixedMama

Listening classic rock playing at work. (Its all over our clinic in the speakers) We do not have doctors today so I am just here to answer phones/file...etc :)

Hoping to find a good swimming suit for our Cozumel trip in June :) Swimsuits are SO hard to find! I want a modest one.

Feeling tired. I must not stay up until 11 watching "The biggest Loser" on netflix! Seriously love that show.

Seeing my oatmeal sit beside me...

Noticing that the more I pray, the better off I am.

Wondering how long its going to take to pay school debt off, buy a house, and have a baby so that I can stay home :)

Dreaming of seeing my family soon

Loving my husband and all the ways he blesses me. He works hard and takes care of our finances- Im just so proud of him and blessed that he married ME. :)

Thinking that I need a new pair of jeans. I have a gift card to JC penny, must go soon :)

Promising to really THINK about what I am putting into my body before I eat it and if it is beneficial for me.

Making a new blog!

Anticipating COZUMEL, Mexico!!! June 22-29th <3 Going to Matt's bday and our "close to" One year anniversary.

Feeling non motivated to file.

Changing how much I drink water to MORE.