Sunday, May 27, 2012

Enjoying the beginning of Summer! :) Healthy tips for your bod & nails!

It is that time! Time to pull out your summer clothes and bust out your summer polishes! Are your clothes from last summer fitting a little snug? I have had a few Capri's fit not so good and I wanted to write you some tips on how to look FAB again like last summer! Just a few things about keeping your nails looking superb and long lasting as well! Health & wellness is so important. I want to be around for as long as I can- so I want to take care of my body! Some things that have helped me fit nicely into my clothes again are as follows: 1) WATER!! Drink a lot and drink it often. Any sodium that you are taking in will stay inside your body and make you look "puffier" if you are not hydrating with water. Your rings will fit better too & your nails will look awesome because your cuticles will look healthier. 2) Eat breakfast. Do not skip it! It will help you eat less later and your metabolism will get fired up and ready to burn calories throughout your day! 3) WALK, run... or do SOMETHING! Dont just sit there. You will not see results if you are not active. I personally walk for a power walk& or sprint or jog up hills for short spurts to burn calories and keep my body guessing. No matter what your doing, as long as you are up and moving- your body will thank you! I try to walk for at least an hour Monday through Wednesday & I also walk a little on my lunch breaks at work. LIFT small weights as well to tone your arms. I read health & fitness magazines for new moves and exercises OR I look them up on the internet! Easy peasy! 4) Eat ONLY when HUNGRY and Stop when you are satisfied. NEVER stuff yourself. This is a hard lesson I learned. If you stuff yourself, all of the extra food will turn into fat if your body does not need it. Your body has no other choice but to store the extra fat into your body in unwanted places! :/ Make sure to stop when satisfied and listen to your body. It will tell you when to stop. A HUGE TIP that has helped me is using the app "My fitness Pal" on your smart phone OR online to keep track of your calorie intake. It also shows you how many calories is in everything you choose to eat & will help you make wise choices! :) Some great snacks in between breakfast and lunch or between lunch & dinner is a tomato or carrots with hummus! 5) Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. TRY to! You will burn calories while you sleep and it has been proven people will gain weight if they do not get enough sleep. WHY am I telling you these things? Because every Vintage-girl should know that you are so much more happier when you are doing your body a favor and taking care of it! After all, it is the only one you have :) NOW... Onto NAILS!!!!! <3 1) Always use a base coat. Something like a lighter whitish polish would work.. or.. (it can also be a nail strengthener base coat.) This will help your nails not to become weak and will help them not turn yellow. 2) Put your polish on with your nail brush pretty full of polish. This will help with the shine and LESS smudging with your dryer brush. 3) Wait in between coats until all nails are dry! This will help it not be a huge glob of polish just waiting to dry... that might take forever! 4) Use a top coat to help with SHINE and Longevity!!!!! :) 5) Have fun and try new things! You will love the compliments and you will have many girls trying new things with you! :) Now go have fun with your gorgeous bod & lovely healthy nails!!!

Monday, April 30, 2012

This giveaway is closed but stay tuned for more fun!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Whats Up? :) a post I remade from MixedMama

Listening classic rock playing at work. (Its all over our clinic in the speakers) We do not have doctors today so I am just here to answer phones/file...etc :)

Hoping to find a good swimming suit for our Cozumel trip in June :) Swimsuits are SO hard to find! I want a modest one.

Feeling tired. I must not stay up until 11 watching "The biggest Loser" on netflix! Seriously love that show.

Seeing my oatmeal sit beside me...

Noticing that the more I pray, the better off I am.

Wondering how long its going to take to pay school debt off, buy a house, and have a baby so that I can stay home :)

Dreaming of seeing my family soon

Loving my husband and all the ways he blesses me. He works hard and takes care of our finances- Im just so proud of him and blessed that he married ME. :)

Thinking that I need a new pair of jeans. I have a gift card to JC penny, must go soon :)

Promising to really THINK about what I am putting into my body before I eat it and if it is beneficial for me.

Making a new blog!

Anticipating COZUMEL, Mexico!!! June 22-29th <3 Going to Matt's bday and our "close to" One year anniversary.

Feeling non motivated to file.

Changing how much I drink water to MORE.